//Ultrasport Ab Trainer

Ultrasport Ab Trainer

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  • Backfriendly AB Trainer
  • Wrist and palm rest areas
  • Effective Exercising at home – relieves the spine
  • Incl. assembly and exercise instructions

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Product Description

Ultrasport Ab Trainer / Ab Roller–Folding & Easily Stowed

The ab trainer is sheathed with foam rubber, guaranteeing a stable hold on smooth surfaces. The special design takes strain off the spine, and at the same time ensures effective and healthy training. Perfect training for the ab muscles. Love handles disappear in no time.

Success with effective training support

The ab trainer works the stomach muscles, strengthens the spine and optimises the muscles of the lower back. The metabolism is stimulated, which means you come into the fat burning zone.

Fitness equipment which effectively trains your core. The spine and invertebral discs maintain their distance while training. Appropriate exercises let you strengthen your upper, lower and side stomach muscles. The rapid fit screws mean that the Ab Roller can be easily and quickly taken apart into smaller pieces, which are easy to store.

Dimensions (set up): approx. 28 x 29 x 29 in (71 x 73 x 73 cm)


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